Feedback from local employers who attended the 3rd Annual Workplace Wellness Forum:


The Wellness Forum was great - thank you so much for making this event happen. I LOVED the mindfulness and am interested in pursuing it for sure!

You did an amazing job at your wellness forum.  Thank you so much for including me in it.  I am planning on starting a committee here for the first time and was wondering if you had any verbiage that I can email out to our Team Members to get them excited to participate on my committee.  I am planning to communicate through email.  Once I get my committee I would love to have you at our first meeting!  Thank you again for everything.

We really enjoyed the event.  One of us will be reaching out to you to invite you to our next Wellness Committee meeting.  I enjoyed hearing about what other organizations are doing to keep the wellness program fun and interactive.  Maybe you can provide our Committee with some suggestions!

Thank you for the hosting the event last week. The food was delicious and I enjoyed the presentations. We  would like to schedule a lunch and learn and will be in touch soon.