With collaboration from DHMN’s 250+ physicians, the goal of the program is to give people the information they need to start making healthier choices. Wellness Program employers show they are invested in their employees' efforts to make healthy lifestyle choices at home and on the job.

Dr. Hopkins giving foot checks outside of Whole Foods.

Dr. Hopkins giving foot checks outside of Whole Foods.

The DHMN Workplace Wellness program is celebrating its fifth year with a push to bring health services and education to even more workplaces. In 2015, services were offered to 20,000 locally employed individuals. The majority of participating employers schedule 6 to 12 months of events, including on-site health screenings with physician consultations, flu clinics and wellness presentations.

Other employers lean on the program to kick-start employee run wellness efforts.

What We Offer



The DHMN Workplace Wellness Program
offers Santa Cruz County employers
privileged access to physicians, specialists
and wellness services. Employees benefit
from the health education presentations
and wellness materials built to engage
and address their needs.


This complimentary service offers a menu
of dynamic presentations including heart
health, menopause, managing back
pain, and getting better sleep. Topics and
scheduling can be customized to address
needs specific to your employees and
work environment.


Interactive seminars can motivate and
empower employees with tools to make
important changes to their health.

Examples of seminars include:

• Stress reduction techniques
• Sports/exercise programming
• Healthy eating tips
• Disease management

• Four-class series on selected topic
such as weight loss, chronic disease
management, or smoking cessation
(PEP Program)

Customized Service

We can deliver customized services
designed to improve health and lifestyle
choices over the long-term and assist
in developing a company culture where
employees are actively managing their
health and well-being.



Early Detection & Prevention

While many employees are aware they
have health issues, addressing them
with lifestyle changes can be challenging
and intimidating. Our program makes it
easy for your employees to get current
information on their health status and
provides the necessary follow-up and
education so that they can begin to make
changes to improve their well-being and
long-term health.

On-site Screenings & Services

  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Glucose
  • Body mass index
  • Vaccination administration
    (seasonal flu, tetanus, etc.)

A physician is available to review the test
results with each employee. This extra
service gives employees the opportunity to
ask questions and to determine if they need
to take action or speak with their doctor.

Continuity of Care

Screening results may be delivered to
the employee’s health care provider
electronically or via the employee to be
included in his or her medical records.

Off-site Screenings

While many screenings can be facilitated
at the workplace, some diagnostic
screenings must take place in a clinical
environment. On your behalf we can
work with screening providers to establish
dedicated appointment blocks and
extended hours access for your employees.

• Mammograms
• Bone density
• Prostate screenings
• Colonoscopies